vrijdag 29 april 2016

In gesprek met ...... Rowan Coleman

We hebben een heel leuk interview gedaan met Rowan Coleman, de auteur van 'Twintig regels liefde'. Tot onze eigen verbazing heeft ze haar antwoorden gewoon genoteerd op een vel papier wat dit dan ook een uniek interview maakt. Kijk en lees wat haar antwoorden zijn op de vragen die er gesteld zijn! 

1.Please tell us, who is Rowan?
2.You write novels. Is this a conscious choice?
3.I read you are dyslexic. Could you describe your method of writing? What is the main obstacle for you during this process?
How did you get in contact with a publisher who helped you?
Do you encourage other people who are dyslectic to start writing?
4.You have written quite a few novels so far. How does it come that your latest novel “We are all made of stars” is the first one to be published in the Netherlands / Belgium?
5.If this book turns out to be a great success here, will others follow? The ones you have written so far that is. 
6.Letters:  As you said it captures moments and emotions etc. How  important are they for you?
7.Did you always wanted to become an author and if so, at what age did you came to that conclusion? Or did you prefer a musical career ;-)
8.Do you have much time to write since you have five children in the house? 9.When do you write and where?
You have an idea for a new book. How do you get started and do you have a fixed writing ritual?
10.Do you read a lot and what do you read? Or do you prefer watching movies?
What do you think is your best book so far?
11.You donated 100% of royalties from the e-book “Woman walks into a bar” for the domestic abuse charity refuge. How important was this for you?
12.Would you like to see your books as a movie? Which one?
13.Have other authors read your book(s) and if so do they tell you if they like it or not?
14.How important do you think social media is such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ..........?
15.What do you do in your spare time? That is, if you have time.
16.Do you find it important what people think about your books? Do you read reviews?
17.How important is the contact between you and your readers? And how do you experience that?

I know you would love to receive a letter after we finished reading the book. Where do we send it to? I will certainly send you one ;-) 

Thanks to Rowan for this interview! Much appreciated and also the unique way to answer our questions!! 
Lots of Love,
Nancy De Brucker

PS. Voor degene die Rowan zelf een brief willen schrijven, zie hierboven het adres hoe je met haar in contact kunt komen!!

Lees hier de duorecensie van Patrice en Nancy over 'Twintig regels liefde' dat ook boek van de maand april is en dat je kunt winnen!!! 

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